Make reading an adventure

Our personalized mysteries make kids the heroes of their very own story

"I loved being able to give an experience instead of another toy they don't really need. My son loved it!!!"


Why do kids AND parents love Mail Order Mystery?

Get Kids Reading

Our story adventures are designed to make reading fun

Solve Puzzles

Get kids excited about problem solving instead of zoning out on screens

Curious Clues 

Each mystery contains intriguing objects like cipher necklaces, ancient treasure maps or a safe disguised as a dictionary


Each mystery is personalized, so kids are heroes of their own stories

What age is this for?

We design our mysteries for kids between the ages of 8 - 13, but with help with reading and clues some are good for kids age 6 or 7. Our "Escape the Master Loop" mystery is perfect to do as a group that can include teens and adults.

What exactly do I get in a mystery experience?

Mail Order Mysteries are stories that are told through a series of letters, documents and clues. The letters are written to kids from the characters, which means that kids are directly involved in the story. Each mailing also contains documents or objects relating to a mysterious event that you will come to understand as the story unfolds. Depending on the mystery you could receive top secret dossiers, newspaper clippings, postcards, maps, keys, necklaces and so on. 

How is the mystery sent out?

Each mystery has six installments. You can have them packaged up together and delivered "All in One Box" which allows you to do the mystery at your own pace. Or you can select "Send Weekly" and we'll mail one installment a week for six weeks. You get exactly the same mystery no matter which delivery option you choose. If you choose "Send Weekly"  keep in mind that each installment is being sent lettermail with no tracking information and the speed at which letters move through the postal system is not precise, so delivery times can vary.

What's the perfect "first mystery" to try out?

It really depends on how old the  kid is and what they're interested in. If you're not sure where to start, we put together this guide: Help Choose a Mystery.

Is this a subscription where I keep getting charged if I forget to cancel?

Absolutely not! All of our mystery experiences are one time purchases. You pay once for all six installments of each mystery. There is never any recurring billing.

The gift that kids love getting and you'll feel great about giving