Need a Gift Idea to Go With Your Mystery?

We all have our own, personal, fraught relationships with stuff. Most of us feel we have too much stuff, and yet we keep on buying it for our kids and then we freak out because the house is such a mess.

Mail Order Mysteries are an elegant solution: high on intrigue, low on shelf space and six weeks long on entertainment value. But for some people, there’s still not quite enough stuff for kids to open during the holidays. People have been emailing us to ask for gift ideas that tie in to our Mail Order Mysteries.

So if you are looking for some related stuff to give along with a Mail Order Mystery, here you go:

Treasure Hunt is pirate-themed with a nod to sharks. Your kids’ treasure is buried somewhere on a faraway island (a real faraway island!) so you can’t go wrong with an atlas or a globe. Or maybe a shovel?

Enchanted Slumber is fairy-tale themed and the knight in the story is Templar, so there is plenty of opportunity to tie in medieval history, castles, princesses and knights. Kids will be called upon for knight-training, so perhaps a new jousting stick would be in order, a horse or a sword. The dragon in the story plays chess. The troll falls in love with books. There are strong messages about friendship and environmental stewardship with recurring motifs of hearts and bees.

All three mysteries have ciphers and codes, but Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys has the most ciphers and codes. All will be revealed as the mystery unfolds, but if your kid is really into cracking codes there are plenty of great books out there. Spy gear is always an option, and the evil villain’s trail leads to a Scrabble tournament. A Scrabble game could be a very mysterious way to begin a top secret mission to save the world from the end of all fun.

Mwa ha haaa! I mean, happy holidays!